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New Champions Community of the World Economic Forum Online Seminar

Risk Insights would like to thank all participants of the SMEs IN AFRICA: Best Practice in the New Era of Climate Governance: Online Seminar hosted by the New Champions Community of the World Economic Forum. Your participation in this event was greatly appreciated, and we trust that you found the seminar both informative and engaging. The insightful discussions, presentations, and exchange of ideas from industry experts and stakeholders contributed to the success of this seminar. We value your commitment to addressing the pressing issues surrounding climate governance and sustainability, especially as they pertain to small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa. Your active involvement underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in creating positive change in Africa and Globally.
Follow this link to watch a brief snippet of the event here.
If that preview has piqued your interest, you can find a link to the full WEF Seminar here.