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Digital Academy

Democratization of Education

Education affordable to everyone is one of the key factors which can ensure progress in the delivering for Sustainable Development Goals.  We at Risk Insights has always been big supporters of the education for our staff, for people we sponsor and for the wider society. We believe that education is the source of all sustainable development. Only through education, can one hope to lift themselves, out of poverty, out of hunger, and into health, welfare, and a better quality of life.


Risk Insights Digital Academy

Risk Insights has provided training and development in South Africa and Africa for a number of years. This drive to educate led to the establishing the Risk Insights Digital Academy. The aim is to create a space where learning is accessible to all, affordable, and packed with the knowledge and experiences of experts.

The Risk Insights Digital Academy was established to support the democratization of education, allowing user-friendly online training for all looking to further their career development. We have bespoke courses that enhance and create various learning opportunities for undergraduates and leaders within companies.

Our courses are designed in such a way as to allow the student to engage with the coursework, ask questions, and workshop ideas. This interactive experience gives the student the feel of learning in person while obtaining all the benefits from remote education.


NFQ5 National Certificate in Banking

The National Certificate in Banking with FinTech and Machine Learning is designed to springboard your career and development. It allows the candidate to explore and expand their knowledge online with various training modules, such as but not limited to:

  • Financial risk assessment
  • Basel training
  • Introduction to banking related products
  • Credit assessments
  • Operational risk management
  • Market risk management

Infrastructure Finance

The overall aim of this workshop is to equip participants with a comprehensive overview of infrastructure financing techniques by taking them through all stages of an infrastructure financed transaction.

Credit Risk Management

This 3-day programme is targeted at people who wish to gain a knowledge of the risk models and techniques used in credit risk management. This course discusses about the different models used in managing credit risk underpinning theory and implementation.