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New York, USA.  Johannesburg, South Africa. May 11, 2022

Risk Insights and OTCFin have agreed to cooperate and provide access to Risk Insights’ AI-powered ESG GPS™ platform of ESG rating products seamlessly integrated with financial data to produce tailored and actionable reports for their potential mutual clients globally. 

As the creator of the AI-powered ESG GPS model, Risk Insights will provide expert knowledge on ESG in Africa and contribute quantitative data analysis capability through its ESG GPS suite of products including ESG GPS ratings, ESG GPS X-Ray and ESG GPS Watch. OTCFin provides financial data management, risk and regulatory reporting solutions and services and has helped sophisticated asset managers worldwide to tackle their data integration and reporting challenges across all asset classes and business needs.    The companies believe that working together will help strengthen their collective suite of offerings for investment and risk managers looking to fully integrate ESG factors within their investment process.

Companies, investors, regulators are looking for guidance from leading industry experts in navigating the shift towards a stakeholder-driven economy with consideration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors.  Leadership is becoming critical at a time of uncertainty during a big shift to sustainability and stakeholder capitalism at the time of the 4th industrial revolution.

“We are very pleased with this opportunity to work with Risk Insights and extend our data integration capabilities to include their innovative AI-powered ESG data.  We look forward to empowering our mutual clients with fully integrated reporting and analysis tools that will enable them to have a holistic view of their investments with ESG and financial metrics side-by-side,” - Joseph Ohayon, Senior Managing Director at OTCFin.

“Risk Insights is looking forward to the collaboration with OTCFin to provide global asset managers with a solid platform to access quality ESG data for African listed and unlisted companies.  This collaboration will further contribute to transparency into impact and sustainable investing for Africa,” – Andrey Bogdanov, Principal and Interim CEO at Risk Insights.


Risk Insights    – Mr. Andrey Bogdanov

OTCFin            – Mr. Joseph Ohayon

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About Risk Insights

Risk Insights™ (RI) is a Data Science boutique with a key focus on ESG.  RI launched the first In Africa AI-powered ESG rating tool - ESG GPS™ made by Africans for Africa.  ESG GPS™ ensures the balanced application of global ESG standards to local realities.  All listed companies in major African Exchanges have been rated by ESG GPS™.  A number of the ESG products have been launched by RI over the last two years, including ESG X-Ray and ESG Watch.  RI is a member of the World Economic Forum New Champions and founder of the World Economic Forum New Champions South Africa Chapter.  For your ESG GPS™ rating and more information about ESG in Africa, please refer to 

About OTCFin

Since its inception over 30 years ago, OTCFin has specialized in providing financial data management, risk, and regulatory reporting solutions and services. With roots in enterprise-wide risk and data management technology consultancy, OTCFin is intimately familiar with the various facets of implementing an effective centralized data repository to support the analysis and reporting needs of risk and investment managers. Headquartered in New York, with a presence in Barcelona, New Delhi, and Paris, OTCFin has been privileged to work with major global financial institutions, asset managers, pension funds and hedge funds/fund of funds. Find out more by visiting